line1 [līn]
[ME merging OE, a cord, with OFr ligne (both < L linea, lit., linen thread, n. use of fem. of lineus, of flax < linum, flax)]
a) a cord, rope, wire, string, or the like
b) a long, fine, strong cord with a hook, sinker, leader, etc. used in fishing
c) a clothesline
d) a cord, steel tape, etc. used in measuring or leveling
e) a rope, hawser, or cable used on a ship
f) a rein usually used in pl.
a) a wire or wires connecting a telephone or telegraph system
b) a system of such wires
c) effective contact between telephones
d) a telephone extension [call me on line 9]
3. any wire, pipe, system of pipes or wires, etc. for conducting water, gas, electricity, etc.
4. a very thin, threadlike mark; specif.,
a) a long, thin mark made by a pencil, pen, chalk, etc.
b) a similar mark cut in a hard surface, as by engraving
c) a thin crease in the palm or on the face
5. a mark made on the ground in certain sports; specif.,
a) any of the straight, narrow marks dividing or bounding a football field, tennis court, etc.: often used in combination [sideline]
b) a mark indicating a starting point, a limit not to be crossed, or a point which must be reached or passed
6. a border or boundary [the state line]
7. a division between conditions, qualities, classes, etc.; limit; demarcation
8. [pl.] outline; contour; lineament [built along modern lines]
9. [pl.] Archaic lot in life; one's fate
10. [usually pl.] a plan of construction; plan of making or doing
11. a row or series of persons or things of a particular kind; specif.,
a) a row of written or printed characters extending across or part way across a page
b) a single row of words or characters making up a unit of poetry, often of a specified number of feet
c) a row of persons waiting in turn to buy something, enter a theater, etc.; queue
d) an assembly line or a similar arrangement for the packing, shipping, etc. of merchandise
12. a connected series of persons or things following each other in time or place; succession [a line of Democratic presidents]
14. the descendants of a common ancestor or of a particular breed
a) a transportation system or service consisting of regular trips by buses, ships, etc. between two or more points
b) a company operating such a system
c) one branch or division of such a system [the main line of a railroad]
d) a single track of a railroad
16. the course or direction anything moving takes; path [the line of fire]
a) a course of conduct, action, explanation, etc. [the line of an argument]
b) a course of movement
18. a person's trade or occupation [what's his line? ]
19. a stock of goods of a particular type considered with reference to quality, quantity, variety, etc.
a) the field of one's special knowledge, interest, or ability
b) a source or piece of information [a line on a bargain]
21. a short letter, note, or card [drop me a line]
22. [pl.] all the speeches in a play; esp., the speeches of any single character
23. Informal persuasive or flattering talk that is insincere
24. Informal the odds given by a bookmaker on the contestants in a race, game, etc.
25. Slang a small quantity of cocaine sniffed at one time
26. Brit. a stock, supply, display, etc., as of literary or artistic qualities, methods, or techniques [a nice line in irony]
27. [pl.] Chiefly Brit. a marriage certificate: in full marriage lines
28. Basketball short for Basketball short for FREE-THROW LINE: see FREE THROW
29. Bridge the horizontal line on a score sheet below which are recorded points that count toward a game and above which, all other points
30. Football
a) short for LINE OF SCRIMMAGE
b) the players arranged in a row on either side of the line of scrimmage at the start of each play
31. Geog. an imaginary circle of the earth or of the celestial sphere, as the equator or the equinoctial circle
32. Hockey the two wings and the center playing together
33. Math.
a) the path of a moving point, thought of as having length but not breadth, whether straight or curved
b) such a path when considered perfectly straight
34. Mil.
a) a formation of ships, troops, etc. in which elements are abreast of each other
b) the area or position in closest contact with the enemy during combat
c) the troops in this area
d) the officers in immediate command of fighting ships or combat troops
e) the combatant branches of the army as distinguished from the supporting branches and the staff
35. Music any of the long parallel marks forming the staff
36. TV a scanning line
lined, lining
1. to mark with lines
2. to draw or trace with or as with lines
3. to bring or cause to come into a straight row or into conformity; bring into alignment: often with up
4. to form a line along [elms line the streets]
5. to place objects along the edge of [line the walk with flowers ]
6. Baseball to hit (a pitched ball) in a line drive
1. to form a line: usually with up
2. Baseball to hit a line drive
of or having to do with the managing of departments, operations, etc. which are involved directly in producing income, as in production or sales as distinguished from those involved in routine internal functions
all along the line
1. everywhere
2. at every turn of events
bring into line or come into line or get into line
to bring (or come or cause to come) into a straight row or into conformity; bring or come into alignment
down the line
completely; entirely
draw the line or draw a line
to set a limit
☆ get a line on
Informal to find out about
hard lines
[Brit. Slang] misfortune; bad luck
☆ hit the line
1. Football to try to carry the ball through the opposing line
2. to try boldly or firmly to do something
hold the line
to stand firm; not permit a breakthrough or retreat: often used figuratively
in line
1. in a straight row; in alignment
2. in agreement or conformity
3. behaving properly or as required
in line for
being considered for
in line of duty
in the performance of authorized or prescribed military duty
lay it on the line or put it on the line
1. to put up or pay money; pay up
2. to speak frankly and in detail
3. to stake (one's reputation, etc.) on something: usually with the object of the verb explicitly stated
line out
1. Baseball to be put out by hitting a line drive that is caught by a fielder
2. to sing or utter forcefully, loudly, or emphatically [to line out a song]
line up
1. to form a line
2. to bring into a line
3. to organize effectively, secure a pledge of support from, etc.
4. to take a position (against a competitor or rival)
on a line
in the same plane; level
on line
in or into active use or production [the new plant came on line this year]
on the line
1. at great risk
2. at a critical juncture, as between success and failure or life and death
out of line
1. not in a straight line; not in alignment
2. not in agreement or conformity
3. impertinent, insubordinate, etc.
read between the lines
to discover a hidden meaning or purpose in something written, said, or done
line2 [līn]
lined, lining [ME lynen < lin, long-fiber flax, linen cloth < OE, ult. < L linum, flax: from use of linen to line clothes]
1. to put a layer or lining of a different material on the inside of
2. to be used as a lining in [cloth lined the trunk]
3. to fill; stuff: now chiefly in line one's pockets, to make money, esp. greedily or unethically

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